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The UNI Senior Advisor is an experienced, tenured BPO/CX/Call Center professional who desires to leverage their existing industry contacts to drive net new business engagements.

The UNI Senior Advisor is an entrepreneur desiring to augment their earnings by referring opportunities to their existing and new business relationships. 


He/She is a pro at orchestrating introductions, conducting assessment calls, and coordinating client engagements with a qualified network of both suppliers and clients.

As a trusted UNI Partner Senior Advisor, you are enabled to provide your prospects and clients with guidance and support that is literally Unbiased and Unfiltered as you will be free to represent the industry rather than a logo.


By offering clients the opportunity to source their next supplier through UNI Partner, you give your prospective clients the opportunity to source just about anywhere in the world, speaking just about any language, supporting the latest in technology resources.


Now that’s what we call a “Trusted Advisor”.

If you’re a respected BPO/CX/Call Center professional the time may be right for you to consider taking next steps with UNI Partner as a Senior Advisor.

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