Predictive Analytics

Predictive Scoring adds intelligence to Direct Response Teleservices performance, whether you are driving product sales, lead generation, or donations. This solution delivers improved campaign results by applying the latest Direct Response tools and methods available in the industry today:

- Analytics model development determines the anatomy of a buyer, donor or lead
- Determine decile scoring criteria based on up to 1000 demographic and psychographic attributes

- Real-time decile scoring of inbound traffic
- Customized scripting, intelligent routing, and optimal caller experience
- Prioritize higher value calls
- Routing algorithms to match each caller with the most appropriate agent
- Match the right offer, request or upsell script to the caller based on data analytics

  • Intelligent agent tier metrics for enhanced call routing

  • Optimize call center and agent performance enhancement

    Expert account analysts continually calibrate and optimize effectiveness to drive improved call conversions.



Typical Benefits

  • Increased call conversion rates by 4 to 10 percent

  • Improved average sale value by 5 to 12 percent

  • Reduced abandoned call rates by 10 to 50 percent

  • Decreased overall campaign media cost per order by 3 to 10 percent


Pay-for-Performance or Transaction Based

  • Cost models include transaction-based fees or pay-for-performance where you will only pay a flat commission per conversion for the increased orders, leads, or donations created.