Who We Are 



I started UNI Partners in 2005 under the premise that clients desired and needed the flexibility of selecting their preferred contact center destinations in an UNBIASED, UNFILTERED environment without the usual dog and pony show from suppliers claiming to serve just about any need even if it meant they had to create it. The industry was tired of being roped into volume leverage and long-term commitments with unprofitable contact centers in unfavored destinations. 

Over 100 years of combined Industry experience and expertise of the Global CX space.

UNI has worked with literally hundreds of industry professionals in multiple industry sectors as well as with C-level leaders who have been driving innovation for decades

Over 200 on-site BPO/Contact Center audits/visits and tours


UNI Partner supplier partners are an extension of your business in helping to drive improved quality and performance metrics. Our senior-level executive relationships have a vested interest in your programs profitability as they are driving company effeciencies and profitabilty just like you. 

More than a century of combined contact Center/ BPO experience and having worked with some of the best (and some awful) domestic, near, and off-shore suppliers in our space, UNI is uniquely positioned to assess your projects and provide the right supplier partner for your important programs.



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