UNI Partners, Inc


We're industry professionals that work alongside you and your team to find the best suppliers at the best price points located just about anywhere in the world speaking just about any language!

We operate in an Unbiased, Unfiltered environment and are loyal to only one logo...yours!

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UNI assesses your program needs, wants, and goals to determine the best possible fit with proven world-class suppliers located just about anywhere in the world providing the latest in Contact Center/BPO services
Our Operations industry experts provide program oversight on three tiers assuring world-class delivery of supplier services 
UNI gives you access to 000's of Agents in over 500 global locations speaking over 66 languages to include premier home-based agents operating as WFH / Gig CX.
We get you the lowest rates without compromising talent, technology, and delivery which means high performance, productivity, and profitability with people who act as an extension of your team of experts
UNI gives you access to a Supplier Network of BPO/ Contact Centers strategically located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, India, Philippines, Africa, Dominican Republic, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, and the UK and Australia, and just about anywhere else on the globe
No more dog and pony site tours
Avoid the tedious RFP/I process
Save time and budget dollars
UNI is your advocate and understands the Call Center space like no other. 
Do you have a favored destination?..
Redundancy / Overflow needs?...
Bi/Multilingual? Quick ramp up and ramp down? Seasonal hiring spikes, New product launches?
We do that
We're industry professionals and have worked on numerous programs in just about every industry verticle.
At the end of the day, you benefit from our unbiased and unfiltered expertise. We are loyal to one logo...yours. Our senior-level executive relationships have a vested interest in delivering results to grow their 
shareholder value and profitability, just like you so you can be assured the highest level of attention is given to your program regardless of size and scope!   
The best part is that we can deliver World-Class supplier services for up to 70% off what you are spending today! Our Global buying power is second to none and you benefit from our 20+ years of best-of-breed industry relationships